Summer Kimpton Brown
The Good Guys Club Child Actress, Summer Kimpton Brown, coming to LA with Her Feet Running
At nine (9) years old, we aren’t expected to do much other than getting good grades in school and listening to our parents. However, that wasn’t enough for child star Summer Kimpton-Brown, who aspired of pursuing a career in film for as long as she can remember.
Having been cast in the new TV series, ‘The Good Guys Club’ (currently in pre-production) alongside her sister co-star, Shea Kimpton-Brown, Summer is making her breakthrough in the television market.
Winning theatre & modeling deals in the UK, Summer Kimpton-Brown has decided to pursue her career further in America.
The 9 year old actress works with talent agency Talent INC. and is relocating alongside her sister model and actress, Shea Kimpton-Brown to LA with their mother.
Her agency has provided her with training around the US including in Florida, LA and NY to help improve her skills as an actress. Taking direction well and learning quickly, Summer prepares herself for some of her biggest upcoming roles yet.
Though she couldn’t give us specifics in an exclusive interview, she did let us know that we will be seeing her name and face more as her career progresses throughout the next couple of years. This daring, inspiring child star gives hope to all children around the world.
Her advice for aspiring performers is, “Be confident, be yourself, always learn your lines.”
We couldn’t agree more with this talented star.