A revealing interview with the beautiful Coral Orr about her new music video “Shout it loud”
By: Cathy Miller
Coral Orr’s new song “Shout It Loud” could be categorized as psychedelic pop. The sexy vocals and catchy tune make this an interesting song that I could easily imagine hearing on the radio today. The hook will definitely draw you in
Coral Orr Music and engrain itself in your mind; don’t be surprised if you find this song in your head long after you have finished listening to it. This song sounds fresh, full of youthful energy, love and passion. Coral Orr Music Video
The younger generation will definitely be able to relate to Coral Orr—a beautiful woman, but still very sweet and approachable. Her unique voice will definitely attract new fans in an age where almost all pop music is starting to sound the same. I would definitely recommend that others check out this track.