Leigh Smith

Finding a decent talent agent is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Many schools and agencies don’t have the right resources to help you truly develop your talent and get your career jumpstarted.
This is where actor, Leigh Smith, got the idea to join New Faces Talent Academy. Inspiring to help others with their acting career, Leigh knew that the New Faces Talent Academy was going to be a way to reach out and truly help people develop in the ways of the industry.
Since working there, he has been able to provide a source of motivation for many of the students. His ability to transform himself and get into character captivates his students and inspires them to want to do better.
Based in Australia, New Faces Talent Academy offers training to help new talent with competitions and getting them the experience that they need to thrive. The academy is highly selective and auditions are held in both January and July for new talent.
Since joining New Faces Talent Academy, Leigh Smith is now the team leader and director of the talent mentors. Each of the students and mentors follow the lead of Leigh Smith – who is just one handsome actor with a lot of talent. Leigh Smith wants his students to succeed and perform at their best at all times and incorporates that in his lessons and mentoring.
In his own personal acting career, Smith has currently auditioned for roles on Cartoon Network, ABC, Warner brothers and Nickelodeon. He intends to use these as teaching moments for his students and ways to inspire them further.