Actress 'Sia Foryoh' Working with James Franco?
Actress ‘Sia Foryoh‘ Working with James Franco?
Working with James Franco and his team is a big feat in the Hollywood industry. Actress Sia Foryoh seems to have the exclusive privilege of working with him on a new web series.
Foryoh commented on it in a recent interview saying, “I’m working with James Franco’s & his team from Rabbit Bandini, unfortunately I cannot speak more on this because the project is still in production.”
Well, it is a bit of a cliffhanger that this Hollywood starlet won’t let the public in on more. However, the web series sounds like it is going to be something to look forward to as they release more information to us about it.
However disappointed, Sia Foryoh didn’t leave saying nothing at all though. She commented more about the projects she is working on.
Having features on a Direct Relief Commercial and working on a commercial with singer/songwriter, Usher has been her recent exposures to the world. Her commercial with Usher resulted in a well-known People Magazine issue featuring the starlet alongside the hunk.
With more projects in the making, Sia Foryoh isn’t resting anytime soon. Working alongside other stars like Angelina Jolie and George Clooney is something Foryoh hints that she is in the works of doing.
Sia never stops impressing the world with her talents and achievements. With her exposures at this point in her acting career, Sia continues to shine and grow as an actress and builds her empire.