Alejandro Arzciat is known for his roles in films such as Crumb of Courage, The Executioner and East Side Sushi.
Expanding his acting skills and gaining quick acclaim in newer roles, we wanted to sit down and catch up with the actor on his most recent role on film Cinder Pumpkin.
Cinder Pumpkin follows the journey of a high school girl who wants to make one of the popular kids, Max, to fall in love with her.
Throughout her journey, she discovers that the lifestyle is one of pretentiousness and unpredictability. Taking her experiences, the main character realizes that, in the end, getting the popular kid to fall in love with her wasn’t worth it.
Stepping out of the real world and back into the dynamics of high school can be extremely difficult and handling that role was one we were curious about with Alejandro.
Born and raised in Mexico, Alejandro Arzciat played a small role within Cinder Pumpkin where he was a bully, Luca, in the mix of a chain of bad boys in high school.
“Going back to a high school mentality was a bit hard for a moment, back when your only concern was what girl are you currently falling for and what you are going to do over in the weekend,” says Alejandro.
Though his role was small, Alejandro did face challenges becoming accustomed to not only being back in high school, but also being in a US high school.
“Another layer that was interesting for me to experiment, was that of tasting the high school feeling of the U.S.” .