Sharla Smith
The one-woman show featuring Sharla Smith, Perception-ism‘ was given rave reviews by many when it was performed at the US Solo Festival in New York 2014.
Sharla’s career has since taken off even further since performing this one-woman play all on her own, since she has now been invited to perform it in London later this year.
How Smith Prepared for Her Role in Perception-ism
Sharla Smith stands as a strong inspiration for women looking to pursue the arts. Her strong, independent views and charming personality make her a force to be wrecking with when she is on set and preparing herself for a show.
The actress first took her acting career seriously at the young age of 8, after performing at her church. Taking the inspiration she felt, Sharla continued to act while she finished high school.
Dedicated to her goal to gain as much experience with acting, she decided it was best to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and went on to complete her Master’s in Acting at Drama School.
Sharla wanted to hone her potential to be able to create a popular and successful play such as Perception-ism.
Using her expertise in acting along with her open-mindedness to learning, Sharla wanted to create something that wasn’t just inspirational, but something that could really open up the minds of other people.
The show features three (3) different characters, with three very different perceptions on life and a situation. Getting into character for three different characters is never easy, but Sharla wanted to push herself and really embody each character.
Many people feel Sharla went beyond what they expected from the play and it has since been added to a London festival because of it.
Sharla Smith gives a deep perception and look into the lives of very different people in her popular play, Perception-ism.